Welcome to Pooch Patrol Your Professional Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Provider of San Diego! San Diegos original GPS tracked dog walking service. Established in 2006.

Our company prides itself on professionalism, reliability and integrity. We understand that pet owners work long hours, travel frequently and may not have the time or energy required to interact with their pet on a much needed basis, which can ultimately lead to health or behavioral issues. We offer a wide variety of services that are customized based upon the needs of our clients. Our services include but are not limited to: Daily dog walks, cat care, feeding, medication administration, transportation and more! We keep our pricing affordable and provide service  7 days a week, weekends and holidays. Our company is licensed and bonded for your protection.  Pooch Patrol uses Pet Check Technology, which is a system that allows you to GPS track in real-time your pet service providers which sends alerts directly to you, schedule pet care and pay online! 

Now Offering Pet Waste Removal

Helping to keep our environment clean and safe

Dog poop removal for residential and commercial properties

The importance of cleaning up dog waste extends far beyond aesthetic, it prevents contamination of our drinking, swimming and fishing water which can impact humans, pets and wildlife.

We dispose of unsightly pet waste properly and prevent sidewalks and walkways from smelling like feces and urine. By using pet safe deodorizers we help discouraging continuous marking that can influence the strong scent of urine that can occur in the entryways and paths in residential and commercial complexes.

We customize our service to fit your needs. We are GPS tracked and check in/out when we enter property and when we leave. We send a report confirming the service preformed as well.

  • Residential Yards: $15 per visit for basic Scooping and disposal. $5-$10 for dog runs or additional yards.
  • Add ons: $5 for deodorizing.
  • Commerical and Residential complexes*rates may vary, call for quote*
  • Small complexes: $35/visit
  • Large complexes: $75/visit. Add ons: $15 for deodorizing.
  • Pet waste station instillation and bag replacement quotes depending on needs